Quadruplets Born When Mum is over 38

For many who get married in their mid to late 30’s or older, doctors love to say that having children naturally is not possible. I know first hand how hard it can be to be told that once you are over 35 years old, parenthood is near impossible and natural pregnancy just can not happen.

I love to share stories that provide hope and the video that follows does exactly that. There is an earlier video that outlines more details of this incredible story.

Imagine getting married at age 38 years. If you are like the couple in the video, or any normal couple, you will want to begin a family. What I love about this video is that it proves that not only can G-d provide babies after the woman is 35 years, but there can even be both healthy babies and multiple births. Miracles do happen and this video attests to that.


Watch it in full, enjoy it and let us know what part of the video helps to give you hope of having a healthy child over 35 years and even over 38.


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