How to Help One’s Mother to be a Happy Mom

Rosemary Kahn with some of her books

This post combines some thoughts on helping one’s mother to be a happy mom, as well as helping YOU to be a happy mom. How do they combine?

Have you ever taken the time to find out what your mother’s goals and dreams are? Do you know if she has a bucket list and if so what is on that list? Many a time we set our own goals and help our children to identify what they need or want to achieve. But when one is an adult, it is easy to let life slip by and not ask one’s mother what her goals are.

That is a real shame. Everyone misses out if you don’t ask your mother what she would still like to achieve in her lifetime. Let me show you an example and then we will link this once more to your being¬† –¬† a happy mom.

I would like to introduce my own mother and to share a goal or dream she has. Within her dream is a goal to help you with achieving an important task for your children to achieve. You see, my mother is a retired teacher who loves to write. Her favourite topic or genre is children’s books. This of course is where you come in.

Firstly, let us look at my mother’s love of writing children’s books. Not just any children’s books, mind you. But quality books. Books that are well thought out. Written with enough care and attention to detail that they even become part of children’s literature. In deed, her first children’s picture book was studied through UNISA as part of their course on children’s literature. This is because my mother believes that children deserve the very best of books. Her books take into consideration the needs of a child in order to help them to develop a love of reading.

What is the importance of reading? Well, reading enables us to learn. It opens the door to gain ideas, information and knowledge. Through this we can begin to formulate concepts, ideas of our own and to gain control of our thinking. The more one reads, the more one is able to master concepts, absorb information and become an expert in any given topic.

Most mothers want their children to succeed and hence, any normal mother will be happy to hear that there is a way to help their child not just to read but to develop a love of reading. How does one take the jump from reading when one has to, to actually loving reading?

Well, one of the first steps is by reading books that are quality. Books that have beautiful, peaceful images or illustrations. Books that contain topics that are meaningful and will enable our children to learn the kind of topics that will result in their striving to have a successful, well balanced, happy and healthy life.

My mother is well aware of the sadly popular books that are filled with dark themes. Sad because these themes are not in keeping with teaching our children the kind of values and mindset that will result in their wanting a peaceful and successful world. My mother’s books, on the other hand, are beautiful, peaceful, meaningful and quite delightful.

Introducing Some of the Books Written by Rosemary Kahn

Take a look for yourself at a short video I have put together to help you to gain some insight into her books. Please note, the video shows just 4 of her at least 13 books. The school readers that she wrote were part of helping children for whom English is their second language and are not available to me.

So what does this have to do with you? Well, my mother has at least 20 manuscripts that are currently unpublished. She has a goal to bring as many of these to print. In this way they will be available for parents or teachers to purchase and children to enjoy. You can assist by joining in her campaign in order to cover expenses such as illustrations, quality illustrations of course, editing, formatting and marketing the books.

As you will see in the video, two of her books are currently out of print. By self-publishing, we can ensure that these books stay in print. As a result, they can be enjoyed by many more children, for many more years to come.

So if you have a goal for your child to develop a love of reading, here’s an invitation to help them to do so. You can encourage your children to love reading by assisting quality children’s books to come into being. It is always exciting to be a part of an important project. Even more so when one knows that the project will, in turn, help your own children.

So join in the fun of assisting my mother to achieve her dream and in the process, you can achieve one big step in the process towards being a happy mom yourself.

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Writing Skills and Occupational Therapy – Introductory Post

boy writing

boy writing 

Some time ago, I posted a question on Facebook asking if anyone knew which muscles are used in the act of writing. The answers that came back made me realise that the post I initially intended to write needs to be expanded. I was going to write a blog post regarding the physical component of writing; this being the ability to sit at a table in the correct position, stabilize the page and be able to hold a writing implement in the appropriate manner to begin writing. As the answers reflected, the act of writing requires much more than just the physical component.

I aim to help you to understand the complex task of writing over a series of posts. The posts that I have in mind will, therefore, take a look at:

  • The skills and components that go into being able to write and how the occupational therapist can assist someone to improve their level of independence and performance in writing.
  • The different ages that an occupational therapist may be required to assist with handwriting and for what possible reasons. Many who know of the role of the occupational therapist in assisting a person to write effectively, think of the intervention for a child. Although this is true and we will take a look at this, there are various reasons why a teenager, adult or even an elderly person might require an occupational therapist to assist with the important task of writing.
  • The modern trend that affects everyone’s handwriting in today’s time. That is the use of the computer and technology.

If you have specific questions regarding occupational therapy and writing, please do post a comment below. If you or your child have a need for occupational therapy intervention in the area of fine motor and writing skills, please email me to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. You can also sign up for my newsletter via the main page of this website.

This post is prepared for you by

Shoshanah Shear, Occupational Therapist, healing facilitator, certified infant massage instructor, certified Kallah teacher, working privately in Jerusalem. Shoshanah is also a freelance writer and co-author of “Tuvia Finds His Freedom” and author of “Healing Your Life Through Activity – An Occupational Therapist’s Story

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