Empowering Jewish Orphans

This service is a very special one that is currently undergoing research in order to revise and improve the service. The concept and service of empowering Jewish orphans is developed in the merit of Shoshanah’s late father Nathan Gershon ben Nathan a”h who was orphaned from his father four and a half months before he was born. He was a very talented man who’s life was cut short, leaving Shoshanah orphaned from her father while still in school.

We would love to reach a stage that OT intervention for needy orphans will be subsidized. If anyone wishes to purchase a gift voucher, they are welcome to do so. In the meantime this is a paid service.

Services include:

  • Assisting orphans to develop a support system that will enable them to achieve their goals and dreams
  • Setting appropriate life goals and action plans
  • Overcoming the grief related to the loss of a parent
  • Identifying a suitable Mitzvah / project to do in the merit of an elevation for the soul of the parent (s)
  • Assisting the orphan to build their new home at the time they marry. Where possible assistance is offered through redirecting community resources
  • Shoshanah with some of the Bridal Gowns
    Shoshanah with some of the Bridal Gowns

    Offering our Bridal Gown Gemach (as this develops, our goal is for needy orphan brides to be able to borrow a bridal gown at cost of just the dry cleaning). There are currently 59 modest bridal gowns which are available for any Jewish bride to rent at affordable prices. Please support this bridal gown Gemach. Renting your bridal gown through us, enables us to reach our goal to be able to assist a needy orphan brides in Jerusalem in a meaningful way.

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