Interview Between Shoshanah Shear and Brad Yates

Sculpture of King David

In a previous post, I shared a little background as to how I came to rediscover EFT and to get to meet Brad Yates .  Do you have questions about EFT? Find out what it is and how Brad Yates got into EFT.

In my interview with Brad Yates, you can learn how EFT can be of benefit to mothers or parents. Find out about Michaelangelo and why Brad likes Michaelangelo’s philosophy as a symbol for personal development. It had fascinated me as to why the statue of King David appears in videos of Tapping with Brad. You’ll need to listen to quite a bit of the interview to find the answer.

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It was such a pleasure to get to chat with Brad. I loved learning how he got into energy work and EFT. It seems to fit the theme of this website so perfectly.

Stress and challenges are part of our everyday lives. There are many tools that help to relieve the symptoms of stress and assist us to function more effectively.  EFT is one of these tools. It’s easy to learn and helps with so many different situations.

Do you still have questions about EFT? Did you manage to follow the short routine that Brad took us through? If you joined us in tapping through the short sequence, how did you find it?

I do hope you could follow what we were doing since this was voice without a visual.  Could you follow what the scores were?

I love the fact that there is a tool that helps to clear one’s emotions, pain and stress. Right at the end of the interview you will hear Brad’s philosophy. “I am a gift to be shared with the world!” What a wonderful attitude to have and to believe that this is true for all of us.

Are you able to believe this? If you are struggling with this statement, I really hope the tapping sequence helped. We all have something special and unique to share. It’s important to remember this for ourselves, for the people in our lives and especially for our spouse and children.

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