Working on My Vision of Developing a Centre

Light bulb for my Vision

We all have a purpose in this world. What’s my purpose? Well I am still figuring it out but I have a vision of developing a centre. I have mentioned in a few posts about the centre that has been my dream for years now. It was a vision that came to me as a second year student. I’ve tried working on making it happen. I’ve tried all kinds of angles. More recently I decided to begin to blog about it. While I figure out my purpose, I decided it best to work on this centre a lot more actively.

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Introducing Our Upcoming Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board

Have you ever heard of vision boards? Have you tried making one or considered making one? We are gearing up to a fun, interactive workshop where we will be making Vision Boards / Prayer Boards.

What is the Purpose of a Vision Board? – Vision Boards are wonderful for:

– Clarifying what you want in order to set goals
– Adding detail to your goals to help you to know what you are working towards
– Giving you a visual reminder of your goals and direction
– Helping you to focus on whatever your goals and dreams are

Do have any goals that you are currently working on?

Did you set goals for the year at the time of Rosh HaShanah? If you would like to revise your goals for 2018 or help to set your goals, this workshop will help. Come and join us for a Vision Board workshop.

It will be taking place in Jerusalem on Thursday 21 December from 1:00 pm – 4: 00 pm

No matter what your goal is, whether it is large or small, a vision board is a wonderful way to help you to achieve your goal. Join us and find out how to turn this vision board into a prayer board to add a spiritual dimension to your journey.

If you would like a little insight as to what will be happening in the workshop, do take a look at this short video.

Vision Board Workshops are fun, interactive and a practical way to actively bring your goals and dreams into reality.  Be in touch if you are able to join us.

For those who would like to continue working on achieving their goals, this workshop will be the introduction to a series of personal development workshops. If you prefer working individually, I offer one-on-one intervention too.

For our readers who are not in Jerusalem but would like to learn about¬† vision boards, be in touch or sign up to my newsletter. I am in the process of preparing a document that offers more information. I’d be happy to let you know when it is available as one of our printables.

Hope to see you there!

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Chanukah Sale of our Art, Creative Gifts and Books

Table display of Shoshanah's Art

For years I wanted to make a range of creative items together with my Mom that we could sell. I love her artistic, unique embroideries. I love the toys she comes up with. There is so much I thought we could do together. Now that she is retired and has moved near me, we are able to do just that. Come and join us at our Chanukah Sale where you will find many of our creative gifts and products.

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