Dissecting the Block or Blocks to Getting my Centre Up and Running

lego pieces as a symbol of blocks
From stumbling blocks to building blocks

Over the past few days I have had the opportunity to visit a few facilities here in Israel. These facilities are offered for different needs and age groups. The experience reminded me, once again of the idea I have for a centre. It is about 30 years now since I first thought of the particular centre that became my dream and goal. What has kept me from opening the full centre? This post will outline 3 stumbling blocks with a view to transforming them into building blocks.

It all comes down to funding. One can easily ask how it can be that some can have an idea, open their centre and the rest is history while others can have an idea that is illusive. One can work on a dream for years and years and still find that 30 years down the line it’s not fully in reality.

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