How An Effective Marketing Strategy that Includes Case Stories Can Save You Time

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You have a company or small business and want to increase your customers or sales of products. What can you do to improve your marketing strategy for 2018 and why would you want to?

The Need:

If you’re a mom or wanting to become a mom and start your own family, let’s face it you will have bills to pay. Running a successful home has many demands on both your time, your energy resources or health and your finances. If you are a working mom, or a working woman with a goal to become a mom, then you will appreciate that you do not want to deplete your energy on your work. You and your family need for you to have good energy available for your time with your family. After all, most women do not have a goal to be 100% involved in work and allow their family time to disappear without the ability to spend any time with your family. Imagine for a moment what this would be like.

Precious moments turn into hours which became days. The days become weeks that become months and years. During the passage of time, you are very busy and focused on bringing in clients and so you arrange a relative or baby sitter to take care of your family. Or you are so busy chasing after earning that you miss out on either getting married or building a family or both. Before you know it, you are a mature woman and have not enjoyed those precious moments that create meaningful memories. Don’t allow your time to disappear as you work on building your career or business.

What will assist you? The best answer is a sound marketing strategy. Whether we like it or not, marketing is key! It is the difference between you sharing your talents, services and products with the world and earning what you need to be able to live a fulfilling life and missing out on those meaningful moments. It is the difference between having the right kind of clients who will pay what you deserve and enable you to live your best life and your sitting wondering when and how your life will ever improve.

Whether we like it or not, we actually are constantly putting a message out. An effective marketing strategy helps you to make sure that the message you put out is the right one to the right people at the right time.

What will the marketing strategy include?

Some aspects of marketing has changed over time with the development of the internet and digital marketing. Although paid adverts, cold calling etc still has a place, other methods of marketing have become important too. One of the methods that helps to improve your chances of success, is sharing successful case stories. In one article I read that “fifty-six percent of enterprise-level purchasers and 23 percent of small business owners said case studies influenced a technology purchase of theirs in the past six months”. [1]

A closer look at case stories:

Let us take a look at why case stories are important and effective:

  1. Case stories offer a live example. They share information and show or outline what your company offers. This in turn helps with branding.
  2. Case stories provide the opportunity to open the door for communication. That means that they become a talking point with potential clients, the press etc
  3. Case stories help you to get known and be remembered. Let’s take a look at how this works – of the adverts I remember best throughout the years, those that told a story stuck in my mind most. Having good music helped too. When it comes to the written word, making sure that the content flows smoothly, rhythmically and has a good format provides the ingredients that the music would. If you are creative, a good case story can be turned into a short video clip and help to bring the important message to life in a tangible way.

If you are preparing your marketing strategy for 2018, make sure to allocate a budget and attention to offering successful case stories for your potential clients to discover the best of what you are and what you offer.

Some help with writing those successful case stories

If you are looking for assistance to craft these case stories, I can help. For those mothers out there who are occupational therapists, or who manufacture and provide equipment used in occupational therapy, I offer a service that draws on my years of work experience as an occupational therapist. This clinical experience provides the insight to ensure that the content is written in a manner that best meets the needs of your clients.

If marketing is a task you are currently working on, do be in touch. I’d love to hear your needs and to help you by writing those case studies to tell the story that best represents your service, product and branding.


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Learning About the Landing Page Feature on MailChimp

Landing Page

If you are working from home, chances are you will be building a following using an email newsletter. In order to develop your community you will need a landing page.

There are many options of platforms to build your email newsletter. Which one you will use depends on many factors. A few factors include:

  • ¬†whether you are looking for a free option or paid
  • number of subscribers.

Improvements to MailChimp’s Features

If you use MailChimp, you will notice that there have been some changes and improvements in the last number of months. One of these developments is the fact that MailChimp now offers the opportunity to build your own landing page.

Since I need to build a landing page I’ve been researching how and where to do so. I tried developing a landing page myself on MailChimp but came up with a few questions. No, it’s not so difficult, my question was partly due to the type of gift I wish to offer.

Where to Learn How to set up the Landing Page Feature on MailChimp

Off I went to YouTube to find a solution. If you are searching YouTube, make sure that the video is current. I found some options of how to use MailChimp that were outdated and then I came across this one. Larry Snow does a great job of walking you through the process of setting up your own landing page with the new landing page feature on MailChimp.

I hope you enjoy the video. One detail I really value is that Larry answers questions if you comment under the video. He even takes a look at what you are working on. I value that.

Where are you at in your journey to work from home? Do you offer a service from your home, do you work online or a combination. Please let me know in the comments below this post. It helps me to know what kind of content, videos and resources will be of benefit to you.

Have a great weekend.

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Chanukah Sale of our Art, Creative Gifts and Books

Table display of Shoshanah's Art

For years I wanted to make a range of creative items together with my Mom that we could sell. I love her artistic, unique embroideries. I love the toys she comes up with. There is so much I thought we could do together. Now that she is retired and has moved near me, we are able to do just that. Come and join us at our Chanukah Sale where you will find many of our creative gifts and products.

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Sourcing Clients for Freelance Writing

Sourcing Clients

I have had quite a few ask me “how do you find or source clients for writing jobs?”

That’s an excellent question. One of the hardest challenges about being a freelancer is the constant need to find new clients. Here are a few of the ways that can help in sourcing clients.

Firstly, I must say that if anyone wishes to get into freelance writing, Bamidele Onibalusi gives a wonderful strategy in his thread of how to earn $1000.

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Finding the Right Path that Leads to Independence

.Finding a Path

Occupational Therapy is all about independence. Independence in all areas of our lives and this includes financial independence. The contents of this post deals with a topic that is important for anyone wishing to live their life to the full. That is finding the right path that will enable you to obtain independence.

In a previous post, I mentioned a book I have written about my personal and professional journey with a chronic illness. While writing the book, I wished to use certain quotes from other works. I have met some interesting people in applying for permission. One of them was the then director of the Chofetz Chaim Foundation. Writing this I wonder whether my desire to share about the importance of guarding one’s tongue has provided some blessing to unravelling a journey. Very possibly, in the meantime, join me to meet some incredible role models.

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