The resources on this page have been specifically selected to help you in your journey towards a healthy, meaningful life and a strong, happy family. Please note, I do earn from the affiliate programs in order to provide quality tips, tools and resources on this website.


Health Products for You

Enjoy Outdoor

Getting into Nature is so important. It helps to nurture you on every level. If getting out is hard for you. You might have the need to visit the products in this store. Click on the button above to view the options available. In addition to helping with mobility, Health Products for you has all kinds of wonderful products from Oxygen Concentrators to Women’s Health to Simple and Easy Health Tips. They offer FREE shipping on $125 or more


Fun and Function

Fun and Function is created by an Occupational Therapist. I have met the OT who began this wonderful service and am very impressed with the products that they manufacture and market. Stay tuned for product reviews of toys that I recommend for your child. They will be offered on my blog and or via my newsletter.


Little Loving Hands

I love the idea behind this service. Creativity is so important on so many levels. What a wonderful way to encourage your children to both get involved in creative activities and to increase in acts of kindness and caring about the needs of others.


1-2-3-Magic Parenting

1-2-3 Magic Family PackageParenting is a challenge for so many parents. 1-2-3- Magic Parenting offers a 3-step approach to ensuring calm, effective and happy parenting. They have products for Professionals, for Teachers and for Parents. One detail that I really like about this program is the fact that the program and products are created by a registered clinical psychologist with over 35 years of experience.

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