With 25 years experience working in the area of Women’s Health, Shoshanah combines her experience with both the Model of Human Occupational that recognizes the importance of fulfilling important life roles and the Torah lifestyle. Shoshanah offers the following services to Jewish women:

  • Assisting Jewish women to fulfill the important life roles of wife and mother. This service assists Jewish women from whatever stage they are at, be it becoming a wife, becoming a mother, learning the skills necessary to be an effective wife and mother or how to become a happy wife and a happy mother.
  • Developing a balanced healthy lifestyle
  • Developing an effective pre-sleep and sleep routine for you and your family
  • Developing a life of meaning and purpose
  • Energy conservation
  • Empowering Jewish orphans, especially at the time of getting married
  • Guided visualization
  • Increasing creativity in your life
  • Living with a chronic illness, including looking at working from home
  • Overcoming obstacles or adversity
  • Principles of back protection
  • Relaxation sessions and learning relaxation skills
  • Safety in the home including home evaluations and modifications to ensure health and safety in the home environment
  • Stress Management
  • Teaching Kallah lessons to new brides and fresher courses to married Jewish women
  • Women’s Health from pre-conception, fertility, during pregnancy and after delivery

Shoshanah is currently working on crafting a course to teach other occupational therapists interested in Women’s Health, having been involved in this area for 25 years. If you are an occupational therapist and are interested in taking a course, please be in touch via the contact page to be notified when the course is open and available for you to sign up.

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