Welcome to the services offered through Be A Happy Mom.

Two of the most important life roles for a woman are that of wife and mother. Being a happy mother is the ultimate fulfillment of these roles. This website offers articles and resources to assist women to fulfill the roles of wife and mother effectively and to the highest degree, thus being both a happy wife and a happy mother.

This webpage also represents my private practice and freelance work. My private practice combines occupational therapy for women, children and babies with bio-energetic healing, brain gym, infant massage, Kallah lessons and Torah insight. It should be noted, that although I specialize in combining my treatment sessions with Torah concepts, the products, services and the freelance writing service is of benefit to all women who are interested in functioning to the optimum in the roles of wife and mother.

I love to share the beauty provided from the Torah especially where it assists with daily function, offers hope and inspiration. Further explanation about this will be available in a book in the process of being written by me.

Each treatment process begins with an interview and evaluation during which a unique package will be structured to suit the unique needs of the client, in context of her family and community.

With a love for writing, art and photography, I have developed a freelance service that is focused on topics related to the theme of this website.




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