From a woman who come for treatment due to Infertility

  • Hi Shoshanah. Hope you are keeping well! I just wanted to let you know that I’m 3 months pregnant! Thank you again for those amazing and uplifting sessions. Take care. ~  T.L.

From a woman who came for treatment due to Infertility

  • Hi Shoshanah. Thanks for checking how I’m doing. B’H we have been so blessed as I’m 32 weeks pregnant with twins and it’s going very well. We are so excited!

Thanks so much for helping me. ~ L. L.

From Head of the Occupational Therapy Department at QEII Hospital in Hertfordshire

  • Suzanne (Shoshanah) Is a thorough OT; her comprehensive assessment skills cover every aspect of the patients needs. She is pro-active in motivating other agencies and her ultimate aim is to ensure the best possible input for all her patients.

~ Julie Weeks, Occupational Therapist

From a bride who received a series of relaxation sessions prior to her wedding

  • “Thank you again for everything you did for me before the wedding… you were totally a G-dsend and you provided exactly the type of relaxation and support I needed”~ A.S.G.

From a new mother

  • I received healing treatment from Shoshanah Shear when I was pregnant and I found it to be a worthwhile experience.  I would recommend Mrs. Shear as a Healing practitioner.Sincerely,
    Jacqueline M. Hartholz

Following a Presentation at a Torah and Science Conference

  • Your participation in the panel discussion “Should Spirituality and Faith Be Integrated into Healthcare?” added both a pragmatic and religious depth to the conference. Your experience in the field of Occupational Therapy and the approach you have developed helped to put the topic into focus. Your delivery and diction were also superb.
    ~ Ilana Atia, Managing Editor of B’Or HaTorah.

From the Mother of a Blind Child

  • We would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have spent with our son. Your coming into his life has definitely improved him and you have been instrumental in developing him from babyhood to being a young boy who is soon going to school. We are all very grateful to you for your patience, perseverance and friendship. (Mother of a blind child)

From a Young Mother

  • When I was pregnant Shoshana gave me a treatment and I saw how much I needed it too. It was very relaxing and helped me calm from things I was going through. I could feel strong energy from her hands and she is very gentle and loving. ~ D. A.

From a New Mother

  • I hope everything is well. I’ve been wanting to get in touch with you for a while. I wanted to share good news with you that B”H we had a baby girl. 🙂 B”H I had a safe delivery and the baby and I are doing well. ~ E.S.

From a Young Mother

  • Thank you for always staying in touch with me and for the incredible session you did for me. It really mentally changed my perception on the issues that I was facing on a subconscious level and once I came to terms with what I felt I was able to fall pregnant. The treatment was an unbelievable experience that I recommend for others to try. ~ L.M.

From a Single Woman over 30

  • When I met Shoshanah and Eliyahu, it was like a breath of fresh air.  They were kind, considerate and easy to talk to.  I spent a little over an hour with them, face to face, which gave them an opportunity to get a glimpse of who I am and explore my personality and a find out more about the kind of guy I am ultimately hoping to build a long happy married life with.  Our conversation and the questions they asked were wide ranging and thought-through, seeking to understand what makes me unique. They are respectful when I turn down Shidduch opportunities that I feel aren’t right for me, without giving me the all-too-familiar response of ‘What have you got to loose – after all it’s only a cup of coffee!’
  • And yes, when they have an appropriate suggestion, they make it and they follow up with wisdom and chochma.  They display insight and understanding in their approach. So for all of you looking to find love I say – give them a go!~ Chodesh Tov and Kol Tov – R


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