Paintings on Silk – Gifts for a Mother!

mother and baby elephants painted on silk

What kind of gifts do you give to your mother for her birthday? Have you considered being creative in your gift giving? Some years ago, my birthday present to my mother was a full day workshop about how to paint on silk.  I accompanied my mother and the two of us had a wonderful time learning how to paint on silk.

My mother painted a beautiful calming picture of yellow daffodils. For her next birthday, I had the painting framed and she has the painting on the wall in her spare room. All these years later she has the joy of the memory from that fun workshop that we experienced together. In addition, the painting is happy and calming and everyone who sees it benefits from her creative and artistic skills.

On my side, I decided to paint two elephants, mother and baby. I thought of painting them at dusk, as the sky begins to change. As things turn out, I kind of got the colours reversed. How good are you at visual memory? Have you noticed that the yellow of the setting or rising sun is usually closer to the horizon? Woops! Oh well, it became a bit of fun in the picture, kind of a talking piece.

I had the painting framed by floating it in glass so that the light shining through adds some atmosphere to the painting.

deer painting on silk

Some time later I decided to paint another picture on silk. This one is of a deer or springbok. Both of the paintings have been framed with a wooden frame to give the African feel that is called for as both paintings were painted in South Africa.

I am now moving forward to sell these and other paintings of mine. I have a few others that are painted on silk, though most of my painting on silk was commissioned and hence went to the person who commissioned it directly. Stay tuned for my creative website which will give me the opportunity to sell my art online. In the meantime, these paintings are both 39 cm square. They have hooks attached at the back in order to facilitate hanging the paintings. Since the paintings are floated in glass, these paintings should ideally be collected in person. Shipping might be possible but there is a risk of breakage.

Selling price for these paintings is ₪750 each.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting or gift, please do be in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Shoshanah Shear, Occupational Therapist, healing facilitator, certified infant massage instructor, certified Kallah teacher, working privately in Jerusalem. Shoshanah is also an artist, freelance writer and co-author of “Tuvia Finds His Freedom” and author of “Healing Your Life Through Activity – An Occupational Therapist’s Story

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