Introducing: “Healing Your Life Through Activity” by Shoshanah Shear

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It is amazing how related events happen simultaneously! When I checked my social media platforms this morning I could not help but notice a discussion among fellow occupational therapists. The topic is: “what frustrates us most about OT not being well understood.” It’s a large discussion going on and amazing that this topic comes up year after year for as long as I have known about the profession and probably before too. Why is this significant?

Well, it just so happens to be one of several reasons as to why my latest book was written. As stated, the book was written for a few reasons:

  • To satisfy the request of patient’s of mine and their families who were frustrated that they had not been referred to OT sooner
  • To find a solution for my own frustration that the amazing profession I had studied is not well recognized or appreciated.
  • My attempts to market my services as a private practitioner repeatedly came up against the same road block, namely: Lack of understanding of what OT is or what it offers.
Cover of "Healing Your Life Through Activity - An Occupational Therapist's Story" by Shoshanah Shear
Cover of “Healing Your Life Through Activity – An Occupational Therapist’s Story” by Shoshanah Shear

Being proactive I have written a book that I aim to be the first of several. The book has a four sections to it. The largest section is a journey through the life cycle using my work experience to illustrate the impact that OT makes at all stages of development. There is so much that I can write about the book. First I would like to share that the book is dedicated to my late grandfather, Professor Vincent Louis Granger, a very inspiring person who overcame disability and chronic pain and lived a long fulfilling life dedicated to improving conditions for others on many levels. I am happy to say that the book has been released and is available on

CreateSpace eStore:


Amazon UK:

and will be available on other online stores shortly!

Join my Facebook “author page”: to stay up to date on further developments of the book, talks to be offered, and other options to obtain a copy of the book. I am always happy to be in touch or to offer web seminars or radio interviews for those wishing to be further enlightened as to the benefits of the wonderful profession of occupational therapy.

Buy your copy today and you can learn something about my grandfather and his contribution to the disabled population. You can also learn something about the profession of occupational therapy and what an amazing impact it has on the lives of our clients. As a colleague of mine, Claudia Williams, shared in the book: “Medicine saves lives but occupational therapy helps one to live one’s life!”


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Interview with Aaron Moriarity of Hot Games and Puzzles

Photograph of Aaron Moriarity
Aaron Moriarity

We had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron Moriarity of “Hot Game and Puzzles”. Get to hear about these wonderful board games and puzzles and the person behind them in the interview below:

1) Hi Aaron. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. It was a lot of fun looking at your website. Can you tell us a little about who designs the puzzles and games?

Aaron: I am the one who invents, designs, engineers and markets all of the products. Tetragon2 was featured at Mensa Mind Games.

2) When did you begin designing and manufacturing puzzles and games of this nature.

Aaron: I began inventing and designing of toys and games while still in 12th grade, 1979-80. I started Hot Games & Puzzles in 2012, after working for Hasbro, Tonka Toys and several toy and game inventing firms.

3) What age range are your puzzles and games made for.

Aaron: Our game, Tetragon2 is for ages 8 and up, and our puzzle is for 6 and up.

Photograph of game called Tetra-gon
Tetra-gon game

4) Who manufactures your puzzles / games

Aaron: I manufacture all of my products, some products I subcontract out to other companies, all here in the USA.

5) What inspires/inspired you to design / manufacture puzzles and games of this nature?

Aaron: “I wondered who invented toys and games when I was a kid, I hope that my products can inspire kids of today to wonder the same thing. Also I was a daycare teacher, that was also a big inspiration. And my 2 Children.”

6) Do you have any articles or posts on the benefits of your puzzles and games?

Aaron: Yes, I have posted a number of articles about the benefits of games and coloring.

7) Where are your puzzles and games available?

Aaron: Right now all of Hot Games & Puzzles products are for sale at and select shops in Door County Wisconsin.

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6 Lessons Learned from a Master of Martial Arts

Someone doing martial arts outdoors
Someone doing martial arts outdoors.

We live near a very beautiful park and there is always much to see when out on our morning walk. Many enjoy to come and do their exercise routine in the park. This can be a gym routine on the exercise equipment, it can be yoga, stretching, walking or running. Then there are those who come to the park to complete their daily martial arts. The most usual martial arts we see is Tai Chi and there is something quite distinct about those who do Tai Chi in the park.

A few days ago, someone strode passed us on his way to find his exercise spot. This person was different from the others. As we completed our circuits of brisk walking, I could not help but take note of a number of lessons learned over about 10 – 15 minutes. I do believe the lessons are transferrable to many areas of life.

1) Dress the part

The first impression and lesson learned from the master of martial arts is how he dressed to do a session in martial arts. He had his Gi or white martial arts suit on together with an appropriate belt which let us know he was a master and a few badges. It made an immediate impression and quite a contrast to many who might begin their exercise routine as though they were going out shopping, out with a friend or just enjoying the day. What we wear gives an impression to others and to ourselves about who we are and what the next set period of time is about

2) Set a Goal

The martial arts expert had a definite goal which was very evident in the items he carried with him and how he approached the place he selected for his time doing his martial art.

3) Confidence

The martial arts expert exhumed confidence. The way he walked, the way he held the items he had with him, how he carried himself made it very evident that this was someone who was confident about who he is, what he was about to do and his ability to carryout the exercise he was about to engage in. Being confident is important in all areas of our lives and is a quality that definitely improves with training and experience.

4) Centering / Balance

The first detail to catch my attention was the stance of the Martial Arts expert when starting his initial standing position. Seeing the master get into position left a very strong impression. There is something very striking about a master of martial arts when he takes up his stance; totally centred with absolute balance. It was very evident that not much would sway him, push him over or distract him from his stance and his goal / focus. The impression is not easy to capture in words but the contrast between the master and the others who come to the park to practice their martial arts was very evident just in this one position.

It makes one realize the power of setting a goal that one focuses on with full concentration and dedication. It also drove home the message of the importance of getting one’s being, one’s whole body to be united, centred and calm. For anyone wanting to know what being relaxed and focused looks like, I recommend watching a master of martial arts prepare to do a martial arts routine.

5) Preparation

The martial arts expert came prepared and ready to prepare. As already mentioned he came dressed the part which required preparing ahead of time. He brought with him the equipment or materials he would be using, it looked like he would be either practicing or teaching use of weapons. He also spent quite some time in preparing himself prior to doing any routine. There was no rushing into his exercise. I did not time how long his preparation took, but clearly, success in martial arts requires setting aside time for preparation.

What a wonderful lesson for life. Preparing for any task gives one the potential to be successful far more than just rushing into a task. It is also possible to be calm and confident about what one is about to do when you have taken the trouble to prepare effectively.

6) Pace yourself

While we completed our circuits of brisk walking, the martial arts expert began with his standing position and then moved on to some meditation while sitting before beginning the next stage of his process. Each aspect of the routine that he was involved in had a set time and steady pace.

The result from the preparation, pacing, concentration and balance was very evident in beautiful controlled movements that were smooth, focused with direction and confidence.

These were the lessons learned while observing the master of martial arts while we completed a few circuits in the park. At this stage, we had completed our morning exercise routine and it was time to move on to our next task and venue for the day. I have no doubt that had I stayed to observe for longer that I would have gained many more lessons. We may have only seen the martial arts expert for about 10 – 15 minutes, but the experience left an indelible impression and clear lessons that can be taken into any life experience.


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Showcasing 2 Bridal Gowns

Beautiful Bridal Gown displayed in our Bridal Gown Gemach
Beautiful Bridal Gown displayed in our Bridal Gown Gemach

Many are starting to ask what kind of bridal gowns we have in our bridal gown Gemach. Here is a beautiful and interesting bridal gown that has been photographed to give some idea. This gown is particularly interesting with the external piece that flaps over and is tied near the hip.

As you can see in the image, we have a lovely standing mirror. We do look forward to the appropriate space with more mirrors, but in the meantime, I really rather like this one.

Flowing and Feminine Bridal Gown
Flowing and Feminine Bridal Gown

Photographed over on the other side of the room that houses our bridal gowns is this lovely, flowing and feminine bridal gown. It is soft and just lovely is the best word to describe it.

We have 59 bridal gowns so the two that are featured here are by no means all that we have. If you are a Kallah in Jerusalem and looking for a bridal gown, do be in touch to come and view, try on and decide whether any of the gowns are suitable for you. Getting married is such an exciting and special time and the bridal gown is one of the most important items of the day.

I look forward to hearing from you and to showing you our bridal gowns.



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