What is the Purpose of This Website?

A Window into the Purpose of this Website

I have had quite a few questions about the goals of this website and the services that I offer. The truth is that there are a number of services that I offer and feature on this website and also quite a number of goals. There are a number of ideas and goals that inspired developing this website. In order to best describe the services, let us begin to look at the purpose of this website.

Some Background

For the background of how I came to develop a service that focuses on assisting women in the role of wife and mother I am actually completing writing an ebook. If this is of interest to you, please be in touch. You can let me know in the comments at the bottom of this blog post and also via the contact form on this website.

What I can say for now, is that I have a number of goals here. Each of them are equally important. In order to reach these goals has required much thought from my life experience, my work experience and from learning from various sources. Oh dear, does that sound vague? Not to worry, it will all become clear.

Let us take one snippet of this as our starting point, for now. When I was a second year student I had an idea to begin a treatment centre. Now in order to begin a treatment centre one has to identify the types of services that would be offered and also if there is a specific niche or angle to the centre. It’s been quite a journey to identify that niche, which is the topic of the ebook that I spoke about.

A few months after having this idea, I began to develop severe abdominal pain. The doctors did not do enough testing, they just opted for an appendectomy. Years later it turned out that I had chronic, recurrent kidney infections but the dear doctor wipped out my appendix. Did a nice job of stirring around to try to find anything else he would manage to. Actually, I suspect another potential problem. Before we get to that, I must mention that I also had a reaction to the anesthetic which had lasting effects.

A year later I was diagnosed with one infection after another including CMV. Eventually the doctors had the wonderful news that I had ME which stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

So I had this dream of a treatment centre which meant completing my studies but I also had this chronic health problem that begged for attention. By the time I graduated, all my income went on paying off tuition, paying for health expenses, paying for regular daily expenses and then helping my mother who had become a widow.

The more I tried to do the regular normal things (like getting a regular 9-5 salaried job that would provide the income I needed to save and start to develop a private practice as the first step of my treatment centre) the more my health and my life threw me curve ball after curve ball.

The journey with my health is the topic of a book that is waiting to be edited just as soon as I earn enough to dedicate the time to edit it. Another book I have begun is my hard work in striving to become independent, working from home. So two topics that I aim to share information about through blog posts, YouTube videos, workshops and other services lie in developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle and also in how to become successful working from home.

Around the time I wrote my book about my health, I also wrote a book to promote occupational therapy. I shelved the book for many years. I had good reason to do so. Eventually though, I decided the time had come to get that book out. That book is of course “Healing Your Life Through Activity – An Occupational Therapists Story“. As I was busily editing this book and preparing it for publishing, I came across a some amazing websites. These websites have opened doors to an exciting new approach to working and to working from home.

Future Planning:

In further posts I aim to:
-Introduce you to 5 or more people who have had a major impact on this change in direction.
-Begin offering some resources on this website both as a resource page and as blog posts or other products. As I add each new feature, I will be writing about it in my  blog.

So do come back to read more posts and find out about this journey. My journey contains excitement, major challenges and more. Join me as I share about what I am doing or have done to help to overcome these challenges.

Visit the main page of my website and sign up for my newsletter. In the newsletter you will receive more information, tools, tips, discounts and other lovely goodies. While you are at it, please take a look at the main page. I would appreciate it if you let me know what you like and what is confusing you. I’m in the process of improving this page, so your feedback will be really helpful.

As you can see, I have had quite a journey which has culminated in some of the purpose of this website. I look forward to sharing more in further posts.

This post is prepared for you by

Shoshanah Shear

Occupational Therapist, healing facilitator, certified infant massage instructor, freelance writer, author of “Healing Your Life Through Activity – An Occupational Therapist’s Story” and co-author of “Tuvia Finds His Freedom“.







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Parenting Tips For Divorced Mothers

.Divorced family

I would love to have all of the posts on this blog targeted at developing and maintaining healthy marriages. It makes such a difference to the couple and the children to have the stability of a happy family. However, life is not always like that. Sadly in my years of working as an OT and even from my own experience, there are many times that divorce happens. This post offers some tips for mothers following a divorce.

Firstly, let us look at what many (as stated above) means? If you take a look at divorce statistics for the US, the figures are sadly on the increase. Wikipedia has an interesting chart of the marriage : divorce stats and ratio for different countries. Unfortunately the figures are not all from the same year, which does make a difference, however the range is from 4% to 67% of marriages ending in divorce.

In other posts and services offered on this website / blog I’d love to help with reducing those rates, especially for countries with the higher percentage rate. This post has another focus and that is how to handle a divorce if it happens.

Usually when a couple get married, their dream and goal is to build a home, start a family and stay together for the rest of their lives. If you have mastered some of that dream and sadly your marriage ends in divorce, the kindest thing you can do for your children is let that divorce be peaceful and don’t talk about it to your kids.

Remember, whatever transpired between you as a couple is not the fault of your children. So, don’t punish your kids for your getting divorced. What does that mean?

Let’s take a look at some tips (some of them hard to hear) for divorced mothers

  • Don’t make your children feel guilty that you chose your spouse to marry. Your kids were not around when you decided to get married. Your decision of who to marry is not their fault. This is very important to remember.
  • Don’t tell your children about any of the details of your marriage. Your relationship with the father of your children should be private.
  • If you are having a rough time coming to terms with getting divorced or having gone through a divorce, seek out a good support group and / or appropriate therapist to help you to come to terms with your life decisions. Your children are not your therapist. As a result, your children should not be told details related to your getting divorced.
  • Make sure to do all that you can to have a peaceful relationship with the father of your children.
  • Do not put your ex-husband down to your children. At the end of the day he is still the father of your children. Your children do have a right to have some respect for their father.
  • Make sure to have quality time with your kids.
  • Make sure to keep conversation to topics other than  the divorce.
  • However, if your child needs to express their difficulty with growing up in a broken home, be open to hearing them. If it is too hard for you, find the right extra mural activities, support group and therapy to help your child to heal from the situation and to continue to thrive.
  • Make sure that your child(ren) have the opportunity to maintain a good relationship with their father. Never make them feel angry with the father or guilty. These negative emotions can interfere in your child’s relationship with their father.
  • Lastly, help your children to have time with kids their age and to develop good friends.

A Final Thought

Remember, whatever happened to cause the divorce, all children need both parents. Please do what you can to make sure that your children can have a good relationship with both parents. Once again, if there has been a divorce, why punish your children. They need both parents. It is imperative to put in the work required to ensure that this is possible after a divorce.

NOTE: In the event that there was abuse in the home, seek professional intervention to help you to develop the best situation to help your children.

This post is prepared for you by

Shoshanah Shear

Occupational Therapist, healing facilitator, certified infant massage instructor, freelance writer, author of “Healing Your Life Through Activity – An Occupational Therapist’s Story” and co-author of “Tuvia Finds His Freedom“.






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